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Since its debut on mobile devices in 2016, Traffic Rider has become a sensation in the world of driving games. Soner Kara’s Traffic Rider places players behind the wheel of fast motorcycles on congested highways and city streets for an immersive gaming experience.

Traffic Rider has a simple yet addictive gameplay style that is easy to pick up, but hard to master. Players start off with a basic motorcycle and must race through traffic to earn points, which can be used to upgrade their bike or unlock new ones.

You can download this version of the Traffic Rider game, which has additional features and benefits not found in the ordinary game, such as infinite coins and unlocked motorcycles.

Gameplay Options

Career, Endless, Time Trial, and Free Ride are the four game options available. For new bikes and money, players in Career mode advance through various levels and carry out a variety of tasks. While Time Trial mode tests them to finish a course as quickly as possible, Endless mode sends players scurrying through traffic with no end in sight. The game’s Free Ride mode, which has no objectives or time restrictions, enables players to explore the surrounding area.

Graphics and Sound:

Traffic Rider’s stunning graphics are among its most remarkable features. The game’s intricate settings and lifelike lighting effects give the racing experience a realistic feel. The actual bikes are also expertly made, with fine details and interchangeable components that let players build a ride that is exclusively their own.

With realistic engine sounds that vary based on the style of bike being ridden, the game’s audio design is similarly impressive. The game is made more immersive by the sounds of past vehicles and honking horns.

Tips for Avoiding Crashes and Collisions

Some general tips for avoiding crashes and collisions while playing Traffic Rider:

Stay Alert and Focused

Avoid distractions while playing and pay attention to the road ahead. Anticipate the movements of other vehicles and plan your maneuvers accordingly.

Follow Traffic Rules

Like in real life, following the rules of the road in the game can help you avoid collisions. Use your turn signals, stay in your lane, and respect all traffic signs.

Slow Down at Intersections

To reduce risk, proceed slowly and always look both directions before crossing an intersection. Be prepared to brake suddenly if needed.

Upgrade your Bike

You can modify your bike as you advance through the game to enhance its handling, acceleration, and braking. This can make it easier for you to avoid collisions and move through traffic.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more you play, the better you’ll get at avoiding crashes and collisions. Take it slow at first and gradually build up your speed and skill.

Remember, safety should always be a top priority, whether you’re playing a game or driving in real life.

The most common mistakes that players make in Traffic Rider

There are several common mistakes that players can make in Traffic Rider that can negatively impact their gameplay. Here are some of the most common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them:

Crashing too Frequently

Crashing too frequently is one of the most prevalent errors made in Traffic Rider. Players may experience this if they ride too quickly, take too many risks, or fail to anticipate obstacles. To avoid crashing, it’s important to ride defensively, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and pay close attention to the road ahead.

Failure to do Stunts

In Traffic Rider, failure to execute stunts is another common error made by players. Stunts can increase your point and coin totals, but they can also be dangerous if not done correctly. Make sure you have adequate speed and momentum and are in a safe place before performing any tricks to ensure your success.

Picking an Unsuitable Bike

In Traffic Rider, picking the incorrect bike is another frequent mistake. The quickest or most powerful bike may be the emphasis of some players, but this may not be the ideal choice for their playstyle or the level they are at right now. It’s crucial to pick a bike that fits your needs and playing preferences.

Neglecting Upgrades

You can advance through the game by upgrading your bike, which will greatly enhance your performance. However, some players may neglect upgrades, either because they don’t have enough coins or they don’t see the value in them. It’s crucial to give improvements a high priority if you want to successfully navigate the game’s difficulties.

Ignoring the Missions and Goals

In Traffic Rider, the missions and goals are intended to assist you progress through the game and unlock new motorcycles and stages. Ignoring them may hinder your progress and reduce your ability to collect cash and other incentives. It’s important to focus on the missions and goals and make every effort to fulfill them quickly.

Players can enhance their gaming in Traffic Rider and have a more successful and satisfying experience by staying away from these typical blunders and by following this guidance.


Traffic Rider has drawn some critique for its monotonous gameplay and lack of depth, despite its widespread appeal. When all the bikes have been unlocked, some players have complained that the game can get boring after a while and that there isn’t much of a reason to keep playing.


Generally speaking, Traffic Rider is a thrilling and entertaining driving game that is ideal for fans of mobile gaming who are seeking an instant thrill. While it might lack the level of detail or depth of some of the more well-known racing games, it still offers a distinctive and fun experience that is well worth checking out. Traffic Rider will keep players coming back for more due to its outstanding visuals and authentic sound effects.

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