Download Traffic Rider Mod APK (Unlimited Money for Android) v1.95

Games Information

Game Name Traffic Rider Mod APK
Published BySoner Kara
Latest Versionv1.95
Download Size141 MB
Game StyleRacing Game
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
ModeSingle-Player Video Game
Required Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above

Traffic Rider Game:

Soner Kara created the racing game Traffic Rider, in which players must weave through heavy traffic on congested motorways. It is a well-liked option for players searching for a fast-paced, action-packed racing game. In Traffic Rider Mod APK Players can select from a range of motorcycles and race on an unending road. It also offers an unmatched racing experience with its stunning graphics and first-person view gameplay.

Traffic Rider Mod APK

It offers several features that are not present in the original version. You can buy every bike and upgrade without having to worry about running out of money because it gives unlimited money. It allows you to immediately access all stages and bikes without needing to progress through the game to unlock them same as Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK offers.

Important Features of the Mod APK

(1) Customization Choice

Traffic Rider Bike Customization

Power: Players have access to a wide range of potent motorcycles, each with distinctive features like handling, acceleration, and speed.

Handling: Players can tilt or touch the screen to operate the motorcycle in the game, which has realistic motorcycle handling.

Braking: Players can use the brakes to slow down or stop moving in the game’s realistic braking system.

(2) Variety of Languages

Traffic Rider Multilinguist

You can change your language by selecting the “Setting” option. Traffic Rider Mod APK currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

(3) Multiple Camera Positions

Traffic Rider ViewPoints

It provides access to many viewpoints and perspectives, which can provide depth, variety, and a sense of control, that improves the gaming experience.

(4) A range of Motorbikes

Traffic rider all bikes

There are numerous types of motorcycles available, including FZH TURBO, V900-CX, KF-450T, CX-750F, VX95 NIGHT, KBX 250, SHADOW R, PARS220, CBZ 250Y, NJ 250, DCT STR, YNH CX60, ZX 750, FXT U2, CHIEF LT, GX 1400, ZZF 1400, Y-MAKS, SK-1200, CBN 1000r, SR 10007, GSR 1300, FX 10S, ARTIL TP4, YNH S1, DCT 8910H, AGS 4F, KWS RH2, FROD X, TOMA, AURA, MX 450S, VALKYRIE, LAZ 400.

(5) Amazing Environment

Traffic Rider environment

The game provides an amazing environment where players can ride freely and discover various places. It also features a variety of weather conditions like snow, rain, and fog, which enhances the environment overall.

(6) Variety of Missions

Traffic rider mission

Different missions could challenge you to reach a specific speed, pull off a stunt, or finish a predetermined number of laps within a specific amount of time. Completing tasks can also earn players incentives like money or new motorcycles that they can use to increase their performance level.

(7) Experience the Game Day and Night

Traffic rider day and night

Players can choose between day and night modes to experience various riding scenarios. While the night mode delivers a more difficult experience with less visibility and a darker environment, the day mode offers clear visibility and vibrant colors. Both game modes offer distinct riding experiences and give players the chance to compete online with other players and display their talents.

(8) Splendid Visuals

Traffic Rider splendid graphics

The accurate portrayal of the environments, automobiles, and lighting will astound players. Players will be taken into a virtual environment that is both believable and thrilling, whether they are racing through city streets during the day or cruising down the highway at night.

(9) Simple Control on the Ride

Control on Traffic rider

While playing the game, the player has entire control over the bike. By clicking the (+) and (-) icons, player can change the bike’s speed. The ride can be moved also by tilting right or left.

(10) High-Quality Sound

traffic rider sound

High sounds include engine noises from different motorbike models, tire screeches, wrecks, wind noises, and background noises like weather and traffic. Traffic Rider has a beautiful audio system that produces genuine and engaging sound effects.

(11) Pick your Top-Choice Vehicle

Traffic Rider Pick top vehicle

You can pick from a variety of vehicles, including sports bikes, cruisers, and racing bikes, each with its handling, acceleration, and top speed.

(12) Maintain Players’ Profiles

Traffic rider player profile

Profile histories provide information on how many games you’ve played, how much time you’ve spent on riding, how far you’ve gone, your top and average speed, how many overtakes you’ve made, and many more details so that the players’ histories are properly maintained.

(13) Daily Reward

Traffic rider daily bonus

Daily participation in the game will earn you free coins. Day 2 gives you 1,000 free coins, Day 3 gives you 2,000 free coins, Day 4 gives you 2,000, and Day 5 gives you 3,000 free coins.

(14) Block Ads

Traffic Rider Ads Remove

You can disable all of the advertisements that show up when you play the game. In the traffic rider APK, allowing you to play this game without being interrupted.

Various Game Modes of Mod APK

(1) Career Mode

Traffic Rider Career Mode

In Traffic Rider Mod APK, players can take part in races, time trials, and other events in this mode to get money and experience points. As they progress, they can buy new accessories, unlock new motorcycles, and enhance their current vehicles.

Additionally, a range of various weather conditions, like snow and rain, are included in the career mode and have an impact on gameplay. It also offers numerous various camera perspectives, such as first-person and third-person views, offering players a distinctive viewpoint on the action.

(2) Endless Mode

Traffic Rider endless mode

In this mode, players are tasked with determining how far they can drive on a never-ending road without hitting or running out of time. The objective is to record the maximum score possible and compete with other players on online leaderboards.

You have also the option of riding one way or two ways. Compared to career mode and other game modes, the endless mode offers a unique experience because it focuses more on endurance and survival than on winning.

(3) Time Trial

Traffic Rider time trial mode

Players compete against the clock in this mode to cover a predetermined distance as rapidly as they can. The aim is to record the quickest time and compete against other players online. To cross the finish line before time runs out, players must go quickly and precisely.

(4) Free Ride

Traffic Rider Free Ride

Without the restrictions of races or time trials, players are free to go throughout the game’s virtual environment on their motorcycle in Traffic Rider Mod APK. Players are allowed to ride anywhere they like and have fun as there are no restrictions or limits.

In contrast to career, Endless, and Time Trial modes, Free Ride mode lets players explore and take in the game’s world without the stress of competition or racing against the clock.


Q1: Is the Traffic Rider game playable in offline mode?

You can play the mobile game Traffic Rider offline. As a result, no internet connection is required to play the game.

Q2: How many levels does Traffic Rider have?

The game is a never-ending arcade-style racing game in which the player must navigate through traffic on a highway without hitting. Rather than finishing a certain number of levels, the objective is to accumulate as many points as you can and record a high score.

Q3: How can I play the Traffic Rider Mod APK game on my phone?

If you have an APK file, download it, open it, and install the game after allowing the installation of apps from unknown sources. Open the game and begin playing after the installation is finished.

Q4: How can I get points in the game Traffic Rider Mod APK?

You can gain points by navigating the traffic, passing cars, pulling off stunts, taking on challenges, and playing at a higher degree of difficulty. You can achieve a high score by taking these actions, which raise your score.

Q5: Is the Traffic Rider Mod APK game free to play?

It is available for free and may include modifications like free money, full feature unlocking, no advertisements, and accelerated speed.

Q6: Is it safe to use the Mod version of the Traffic Rider APK?

The Mod APK is completely safe to use, allowing you to access all the features without downloading any other games.

Q7: Can I play the Traffic Rider APK game with others?

There is no multiplayer option available in the single-player version of the game Traffic Rider. Only AI can be used to play the game, and you can only compete against your top scores.

Q8: How many Motorbikes are there in the game Traffic Rider?

There are more than 30 motorcycles accessible in Traffic Rider. You can select the bike that best suits your playing style from several bikes in the game with various designs and characteristics.

Q9: How can I get the latest version of the game Traffic Rider?

To install, open the settings menu on your device, turn on “Unknown Sources,” download the Mod APK from a trustworthy source, and then click on the “Install” button.

Q10: Does Traffic Rider Mod APK give me unlimited money?

Yes, it provides the option of unlimited money, enabling you to buy every motorcycle and upgrade without worrying about in-game money.


Traffic Rider Mod APK gives you access to all of the game’s motorcycles without the need to earn or buy them. It also increases the game’s graphic quality for a more realistic experience and removes all in-game advertisements so you can play without interruption. It is still being used by me and my team, and we update it frequently to keep it secure and enable all of the features.

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